Migrate from Plesk 2 iMSCP

  • I've worte a tool to migrate from Plesk 2 ISPCP. Cause iMSCP is a fork of ispcp, i think it could be helpfully to know, that i wrote this tool.

    Its opensource, so have a look on it. If you do a migration, please tell me on sourceforgepage and here in the forum if its work, from which plesk version do you migrate to which iMSCP-Version and each other detail-Information which could be helpfully for other users.

    Here is the link of the plesk2ispcp - Script:

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  • Hi rethus. Thank you for this information. I`ll take a look at this when i`ll have time. Until then i`ll pin this not to be lost in time

  • Hi,

    i want to migrate from plesk 11.5 to i-mscp.

    Are there any ready to use solutions like the one rethus wrote to do this migration?
    I can do this migration manually but that took a long time for all accounts and domain.

    Hope you can help me.