htaccess customers mods feature

  • One thing that I really like to maximize performance is to set AllowOverride None

    Right now I have it on all my customers except the one with their own dev team
    That is not nice since these are to busiest sites and some are quite heavy monsters
    I can't activate it since the dev needs to mod htaccesss

    Right now I have a perl script that extract all apaches custom config like that from MySQL db
    Then it rewrite /etc/apache2/imscp for all domains base on the db and reload apache if apache2ctl configtest pass

    I haven't find anything on the desire to add that as a imscp feature :

    here is what I think :
    -an apache2ctl configtest button to test custom on client side
    -at domain level like "personalized DNS"
    -an admin option for each user to activate
    -default option is off
    -file rewrite only for current "update my htaccess" submit btn
    -a "u miserably fail to write your htaccess" error message
    -apache2ctl configtest analyses for current domain only in case 2 user do a mistake at thje same time
    -db table "domain_htaccess"

    It think I will write that for myself anyway, but I would like to know if anyone is interested

    + stuff I missed in my morning list

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