Error in Roundcube plugins install : "Call to undefined function getWebmailList()"

  • error in install of RoundCubePlugin

    "Call to undefined function getWebmailList()" after upload and activate

    IMSCP Maintenance version . Debian 10

    all work fine but not this plugins for roundcube plugins addon



  • Hi Patricio

    this function has been removed (was in the 20181208-release but removed later). Now there is a new function called getWebmailClientPackages() - I did not test, if this is a good replacement here I don't know (didn't test) - but feel free to check it.

    I think its in the file gui/plugins/RoundcubePlugins/RoundcubePlugins.php:

    if (isset($config['WEB_MAIL_CLIENT_PACKAGES']) && !in_array('Roundcube', getWebmailList())) {

    Maybe it should look like this

    .... if (!in_array('Roundcube', getWebmailClientPackages())) {

    But take care: if you use the "new" maintenance-github version (from me or from nuxwin) then you should be aware that most of the plugins do make problems. You may be able to fix them....