No access to control panel after let's encrypt renew error

  • Hi there,

    i do have a i-mscp 1.5 running with the let's encrypt plugin. I do use the let's encrypt certificate for my control panel.

    2 days ago the let's encrypt certificate ran out of coverage. Now i'm not able to connect to my control panel anymore. I tried restarting the whole server. Now i do get the "internal server error 500" message.

    Does anybody have an idea what to do in this case? Webmail / PMA etc. does have the same error.

    Thank you guys in advance for your help!

  • Ok i was able to fix it.

    The let's encrypt plugin didn't renew the certificate so i had to do it manually.

    Due to this, the old control panel URL wasn't working.

    With :8443 i was able to connect to the control panel.

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