Problem Installing i-mscp 1.5.1 in Kimsufi server (OVH)

  • Hello everyone:

    Although I started recently with i-MSCP I am already installing my third server with i-MSCP, the previous two are already in routine in different hostings.

    Now it's time to do it in OVH, specifically in a Kimsufi server. And I have found a problem that surely will not be difficult to solve, but I need some help.

    I have chosen from the possible operating systems available in the hosting, Debian 9.3 according to there appears.

    When I'm almost done with the configuration, I miss an error due to the customization that OVH makes to its Debian 9.3 ..

    This is the problem:

    I have to say that there is something that has caught my attention with OVH, the version of Stretch, which directly root has access via SSH, and now with its customization of this excellent operating system this change in the way of managing the interfaces of network ... And that only took a couple of hours with this. :S

    Well, I'm sure that you, who are the best ;) , you're going to have a solution to this setback of OVH.

    Thanks in advance..!

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  • Hello again.!

    I answer to myself, and I am somewhat thick ... :-)

    Doing touch /etc/network/interfaces the installation ends correctly.

    My apologies for having asked such a simple question to solve

    Greetings to all