PHP Compitibility plugin

  • As a problem:
    Some of clients has sites on Joomla 1.0 and old Drupal. We can't told them to update, then they just will be lost. So in that case, some of hosters uses Omega 1.0.6 and older.
    We may make a plugin with a custom choose of php, using custom packages, custom CGI configs...
    Just an idea. Because it's the greatest problem.

  • I'm against it. older php Versions are EOL and it's a big Security Issue.

    Agree with you, but it's the only way to support oldstable CMS (as I said, it's a plugin, so we must have an ability to enable and disable it). I didn't see another way.
    But I'll think about security. So, a lot of hostings are popular in case, that they are still using PHP 5.2... We need to find a compromise.
    So, it must be "as is" solution.

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  • Older CMS are also EOL :). If someone use joomla 1.0.x, i think he must handle this alone. ;)

    That's may be great, if it an corporative hosting with 20-40 sites.
    If it's over 100 or thousands?
    So it's not a security hole if: user choose himself to use 5,2 or 5,4 (just to change a binary)...
    If user use oldstable CMS, it's his problem of security, but I need to make an ability.
    As I understand, php makes a security hole for script, not an whole server... So it's enough to localise it for client.
    The reality in Asia is in the developers full of ego, developing on oldstable CMS or FoxPro, etc. Just they didn't know nothing else. It's an 60% of clients.
    The client is always right...

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  • I'd like to have this feature too, but for testing newer php versions (like 5.4, 6) and make scripts etc. ready.

    I think a fast way could be renaming all the .php files to e.g. .php52 and in the apache vhost config add a FCGIWrapper that uses the .php52 suffix. The new FCGIWrapper then uses another php binary and we're done. :)
    (this is for mod_fcgid, don't know how it works with mod_fastcgi)

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