Newbie and multilanguage Compability

  • As for me, I'm planing to do some help files, integrated into panel itself.
    My friends can help us to create some new templates for this project.
    If you want to built in ssh plugin, some time ago, i have been wanted to built the gamepanel in. Think about that.:)

  • That will be great. if you want contribute send us your sourceforge id.
    About ssh will be added but only as chrooted environment.

  • No, but Ineed it. I have been searching for a GNU/GPL interface, and I found it (Open version) It's good engine, but a lot of bugs and not friendly only-english interfce.
    I have no skills to integrate it myself, and the original panel has no ssh2 module, so I installed it by hands, having some troubles in functionality. So I delete it, because it's too many to do for normal client's being

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