How to fix "setupUpdateDatabase: ERROR A downgrade attempt has been detected. Downgrade is unsupported."

  • I'll upgrade to latest 1.3.x. It is ok for you?


  • @TheRiddler1982

    Upgrade to latest 1.3.x with few local modifications to force usage of PHP 7 from dotdeb (even for the frontend) has been done.

    Please, don't try to downgrade to 1.3.0. If you need to rerun the installer, go to the /usr/local/src/imscp directory which hold 1.3.x code.

    Also, if you want upgrade to newer 1.3.x in next days, don't forget to backup changes from the /usr/local/src/imscp/docs/Debian/packages-jessie.xml file and re-add them before running the installer.

    For any other problem, create a new thread.

    Thank you for using i-MSCP.