how to change php.ini

  • Hi,
    sorry for my bad english ...

    I've a problem, i try to install VTE CRM on a local virtual machine with i-mscp 1.3.0 and appear this warning.

    How i can change this value ?

    I try to change via GUI but can't ...


  • Hi,

    in domainsettings you can change the PHP-Settings for Display errors and error_reporting
    mod_rewirte should work, I had the same error-message with another software, but it was working, you can ignore this message
    and the max_execution_time can be set by the reseller for every customer

    The only problem I see is allow_call_time_pass_reference, you have to change it in your php.ini. Which method are you using?

  • If you only need it in your installation you could change the php.ini directly in /var/www/fcgi/<DomainName>/php5/php.ini and then restart apache2ctl restart

    You coul change the values manually in the PHP-Editor Settings when editing the Customer.
    If you need higher values than available you have to change the values from the reseller, too.

    Custom PHP Ini files that are not supportet by the PHP-Ini-Editor can be changed with a listener file (to make it persisenst)…