Custom modifications DNS

  • Hello,
    I wanted to invite honorable bunch of programmers from the panel to have carried a few modifications. Mainly I'm interested in the modifications related to the extension of the types of entries to a custom dns.

    The first amendment will apply to TXT entry in which I would like to give the sub-domain name and not, as currently only the main domain. In addition, I note that these entries could begin with an underscore "_", for example, to add a record of type DMARC.

    The second amendment will apply MX entry in which I would like to indicate the selected subdomain and not, as at present the entire domain.

    The third amendment will affect the type PTR entry in which I would use to give RevDNS. Not excluded that I would use $GENERATE not clap manually 256 entries.

    The fourth amendment will concern NS entry that I would use to delegate the subdomain to another customer on.

    The fifth amendment pole will be a permanent record TXT template. I would allow the google servers to send mail from my domain to paid Google Mail. (As for the SPF record) Additionally, I would like to be able to manually add DKIM key previously generated by the google and paste it into your domain or subdomain.

    Of course, thanks to all those who have invested something for the creation and development of the panel.

    Thank you