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    Are you asking for a oauth provider or client?

    Personally, I think an OAuth2 provider would be great. Then any auto-installed things like "WordPress" Admin could utilize their i-MSCP login to authorize admin functions.

    The awesome people at github have restored our repo. Without even giving me the good lashing I deserve. We're still working with them on the final issues (to get back to root fork status).

    Dear i-MSCP Users,

    I made a pretty massive mistake today, and deleted the i-MSCP GitHub Repo. As such, our downloads are not functional. We have contacted GitHub to request their assistance in restoring the repository. This may take a few days, so please be patient. We'll get things back up and running as soon as possible. Laurent (nuxwin) has confirmed he has a latest copy of the code, so worst case, that's not gone, because he is awesome.

    Responsibility for this outage falls squarely on my shoulders, so if you need someone to blame, please send hate mail to me. We'll recover, one way or another thanks to the whole awesome team.

    Request rejected. Sorry

    Remember, this doesn't stop you from looking at tickets and making github pull requests that solve tickets. It means we don't think you're ready for developer status in the project. If you do github pull requests, we will be able to comment on your changes as you go, and see your work. If your work reaches the quality point of a project developer, we may re-consider your request later.

    As for Google Translate, if you're wanting to contribute, I highly suggest at least getting a rudimentary handle of English. If you do make it to developer eventually, sometimes our conversations are rapid and using Google Translate will not be fast enough to keep up.

    At this time,
    I agree with nuxwin, you're not ready.