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    thanks for answer.

    I'm on latest imscp version already, i thought and errata are only to apply if imscp will be updated/upgraded.

    I will do a backup of complete system, so /var/www/virtual and /var/mail/virtual are inlcuded.

    Do I have todo something after upgrade after distro upgrade, like

    1. perl imscp-autoinstall -d


    I get this message if I want to install certificate from - Before startssl I used always letsencrypt certs and that works without any problem.
    At "Intermediate" Certificate, I copied the whole root_bunde.crt but still this message :(

    Can anyone help?

    ok does not work...


    want to update imscp to the latest version.
    Actually I have running Version 1.4.0, at the upgrade process descriptions, there is a note to read the errata files.
    So do I have to Upgrade from 1.4.0 every minor releases? (1.4.1,1.4.2,1.4.3,...) or do I can an update to 1.5.1 and only read the errata for 1.5.0 and 1.5.1

    Thank you!


    as default, php7 will be installed via apt-get, so imscp is running on php7. But how I can change (a single domain) to version 5.6.x? - I tried phpbrew, build my own php-cgi, but I have troubles to bind it to a VirtualHost. (because I think php7-fpm is here the problem)
    I tried this:…stalled-and-switch-easily
    So I added this to the file: /etc/apache2/imscp/mydomain.tld.conf

    1. <Directory "/var/www/virtual/mydomain.tld/htdocs" >
    2. AddHandler php-cgi .php
    3. Action php-cgi /opt/phpbrew/php/php-5.6.27/bin/php-cgi
    4. </Directory>

    Has anyone tips for me, how to get it running? - Another option would be running php5.6.x system wide (I dont prefer).

    Thank you!


    switched from 1.2.15 to 1.2.17 and now no customer https site is reachable.

    I get the following error:


    There are no *_ssl.conf vhosts ins sites-enabled or sites-available (only default-ssl in available, but not enabled).

    What to do now? - Reconfigure?