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    You should be able to make use of Beta/RC versions if these are packaged by Ondřej Surý.

    then everything is fine. I am not too muhc of a fan of self compiling anyway, especially with the dependecies that can get messy, depending on what you compile

    will this thing also be prepared to accept newer versions easily (e.g. that someone can quickly use 7.3 when it comes without waiting for PHPswitcher to be updated) without needing an update of the PHP switcher or IMSCP?

    like for example that the thing could browse the available PHP versions and the user can quickly select anything to install when he wants (possibly even Betas/RCs for testing).

    Note: Maybe we should rename the php_compiler script to php_manager to better reflect that change (no compilation tasks involved).

    good Idea.

    but IIRC it didnt work out of the box through and I needed to change the regex of the version check a bit to it wont stumble upon the rest of the ver string.

    I'll ask DT to send me the files to I can look for the Regex and post it so you can include it @Nuxwin

    this is the Regex:


    you can try that this works on

    Edit 2:

    Regex for the FPM:

    a nice feature would obviously also be to for example autodetect whether there are other PHPs installed and add them, or to just grab sury's PHP releases instead of needing to add stuff manually.

    well the Neo has most of the yubi4 features plus NFC (but the neo-n doesnt have NFC, so it's worse than the 4)
    also neo and later can play smartcard which is pretty nice for Computer login for example if you are in a domain (and the yubikey 4 can do longer keys on it).

    well in general when you want to protect other stuff you need to make sure that the other stuff supports that anyway. the Yubikey forunately supports quite a bunch of different protocols so with a yubikey neo or yubikey 4 (or their respective nano versions) you should be able to use most services that have 2FA support in the first place.

    this authenticator addon only works with the so-called Yubikey through their online service. I guess that maybe there will be an addon that allows for plain TOTP too so you can use any smartphone or other device which can run an application that can generate these codes to be used as a second factor

    @Nuxwin wouldnt it make more sense to use the backup codes more globally especially if more 2FA addons are coming? or will they all be a part of this?