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    I got a warning ... the margin of this:

    I would like to apologize whether who may have offended. It was not my intention to offend anyone, but take it into account to whom the matter, it may be more sensitive to jokes and waiting for help, and do not say, "watch out, we told you so" - though this is true, but not a solution (!).

    Thanks to anyone who helped TheCry special thanks for, and thank you for this great system you guys who upgrade their free time. But you should know (you know well) are not all professional, many people (like me) are used to reduce the cost of their own

    A friendly, sincerely,

    So, does we should appreciate your humor here? I don't think so. Next time please, take a little time to read the publication notes.

    You are absolutely right, and I've read too, and I also remembered when the damage is done..

    I hope other will not run such a mistake. Smart people learn from other expense :angel:

    TheCry, maximum respect and thanks! Update completed :blush:

    1. Congratulations │
    2. │ │
    3. │ i-MSCP 1.1.0-rc4.7 has been successfully installed/updated.

    All domain works, except for the admin interface. (this) white blank page.

    How can I fix this?

    ps.: Thank you all for your help, it was a hard lesson for me

    i-MSCP 1.1.0-rc4.6 to i-MSCP 1.1.0-rc4.7

    I need urgent help, production servers :(

    The wordpress upgrade your place working properly?
    i-MSCP older versions had no problem the new version
    (i-MSCP 1.1.0-rc4.6
    Build: 20131028
    Codename: Eagle) however, yes

    Any ideas?

    1. Downloading update from…
    2. Unpacking the update…
    3. The package could not be installed.: PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature
    4. Installation Failed