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    Hi Athar :)

    Yes I initially posted it in php, but after more investigation I concluded it was probably help with imscp and how it launches the socket that I needed, not specific help for php. :blush:

    It all stemmed from one site and plugin needing v8.2 to work properly. I see that the phpSwitcher was probably the simplest way to go, and I probably have an unusual unsupported setup now.

    Ideally if I can get the frontend back to 7.1, and everything back as it was I will be able to purchase the phpSwitcher and save myself some headaches.

    I installed php 8.2 on my server, along side other versions, such as 7.1, which the front end was using.

    At the moment it appears the listening php socket - /run/imscp/imscp_panel.sock is using v8.2

    I've used update alternatives to make sure 7.1 is the default on my server, restarted services and rebooted but this persists to use v8.2

    How can I adjust this to use 7.1 ?

    Thanks :)

    I installed PHP 8.2 for one of my sites which required this.

    All other sites, stayed on php7.1

    I expected the frontend would stay on 7.1 also.

    Some time in the past few days my frontend management and rainloop etc are now running 8.2 (verified with a phpinfo page in the rainloop directory)- and there are errors due to this.

    Does a regular cron job or something push changes basec on the default php regularly? It seemed to work well and then after a few days this occurred, with no config changes to the frontend.

    Errors on frontend eg :

    Deprecated: Return type of Zend_Registry::offsetExists($index) should either be compatible with ArrayObject::offsetExists(mixed $key): bool

    Fatal error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported

    I've adjusted the default php to be php7.1 using update-alternatives

    All websites and other services seem to still be running fine, just the frontend and rainloop no longer working.

    Where is the php version set for the frontend ? I assumed it was here : /etc/imscp/php/

    cat /etc/imscp/php/ | grep 'php'

    PHP_CONF_DIR_PATH = /etc/php/7.1

    PHP_PEAR_DIR = /usr/share/php

    PHP_CLI_BIN_PATH = /usr/bin/php7.1

    PHP_FCGI_BIN_PATH = /usr/bin/php-cgi7.1

    PHP_FPM_BIN_PATH = /usr/sbin/php-fpm7.1

    PHP_FPM_POOL_DIR_PATH = /etc/php/7.1/fpm/pool.d