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    It's not about whether I run the installer on a normal Debian virtual machine or a docker,

    Basically it is about the fact that the installer ( Tested on the 1.5.3 and on the 1.5.3-800 ) does not work in any configuration.

    I have tried everything with a BLANK-Config, also without success.

    Apparently no one seems to understand this, but always blame it on other contingencies like dockers and question this.

    I use a DOCKER in Windows and use Debian Stretch for System for Dockerimage.

    So what is wrong here, I had problems installing IMSCP on my Debian before.

    Unfortunately I can't quite interpret the statement of tracer here, because I use a LINUX image here.

    And yes this is a REAL LInux image.

    Here is my docker file, which doesn't matter that the installer doesn't work correctly with the PreSeed.

    An empty preseed does even less.

    Right now I'm trying to install IMSCP via docker,

    which I noticed early on that the Preseed is very peculiar.

    Furthermore, no MYSQL server is started during the installation, which seems to make an installation impossible.

    I have started it manually via Docker Shell, but now the following error occurs, no matter what I enter.


    Hier ist meine preseed

    Yes 1.3.16i mean

    is a real Dedicated Server

    DNS Setup must be right...

    Network interface correctly configured?
    what you mean ??

    Her Console: