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    is it possible to automate tasks, like creating a DB and a DB user or enable SSL or update SSL cert information from command line? I am thinking about changing values in the DB directly and then run an i-mscp update script to run the necessary events in the background. But I don't know which scripts need to be started.

    In the worst case, I would start developing scripts which use curl or wget to control i-mscp from the command line. But I don't like this idea much.

    Thanks for any response.

    Regards und Gruß

    PS: There is a Wiki entry for a cli tool from 2013 and I saw two entries in the forum, that this cli tool is not working anymore. What about removing this Wiki page or at least adding a message, that it is not valid anymore?


    I installed a brand new server with M-ISCP ( and it's working great so far.

    So as we have Dovecot out of the box, how can I use Sieve exactly?

    I tried this link (…vecot_plus_database_quota) and it's said one should check the global file /etc/dovecot/sieve/dovecot.sieve. But on my system it's not there.

    So the questions would be,
    - is Sieve already activated or how can I activate it?
    - where should the Sieve scripts for the mailusers be placed?
    - could we have a Sieve client in Squirrelmail (nice to have)?