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    I was able to solve the problem!

    Yesterday there were two upgrades via ...

    I guess something went wrong due to an incorrect dependency list from sury

    after the update it showed:

    1. The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
    2. php5.6-imagick php7.0-apcu-bc php7.0-imagick php7.1-apcu-bc php7.1-imagick php7.2-apcu-bc php7.2-imagick php7.3-apcu-bc
    3. php7.3-imagick php7.4-imagick php7.4-imap

    after I reinstalled php7.0-apcu-bc and php7.0-apcu it works, no more zend files are generated when the panel URL is visited by a browser

    I feel a little better now ;-)

    before yesterday's PHP update I only saw these zend files once generated in the cache ... now these files are generated when the login page is vsited by a webbrowser

    also group permission shows that any customer and mail is a member of the vu2000 group

    is that really correctly?

    1. # grep 'vu2000' /etc/group
    2. mail:x:8:vu2000
    3. imscp:x:1002:vmail,vu2000
    4. vu2000:x:1003:www-data
    5. vu2009:x:1004:www-data,vu2000
    6. vu2010:x:1006:www-data,vu2000
    7. vu2011:x:1007:www-data,vu2000
    8. # groups vu2000
    9. vu2000 : vu2000 mail imscp vu2009 vu2010 vu2011

    No worries, fulltilt!

    The files are owned by vu2000 and 400 (u+rw). No one else beside vu2000 and root can read these files (beside you allowed someone). They are necessary for caching. If you switch caching off, they won't be generated.

    OK, the files are owned by vu2000:vu2000 but the permission mode is 0600 (rw)

    everything is stored inside ... all configs, keys, passwords everything

    I-MSCP & any other stuff latest version

    my panel is running under PHP 7.0 with latest phpswitcher

    with the sources all PHP versions are packaged not self compiled

    there was an sury update in the afternoon and now again in the evening ...

    so that is what I did for now:

    1. phpdismod -v 7.0 apcu
    2. phpdismod -v 7.0 opcache
    3. phpdismod -v 7.0 gettext
    4. service php7.0-fpm restart
    5. service nginx restart
    6. service imscp_panel restart
    7. php7.0 -v

    I have no idea if it helps or what's going on

    need some help here!

    it's still going on with generated zend cache files

    today I have noticed that strange zend_cache files were generated in the /var/www/imscp/gui/data/cache folder on all servers, these contain all imscp configs passwords etc.

    Are these internal i-mscp processes?

    Even if I delete the files, new ones are generated again immediately.

    Can someone access or download these files from outside?

    Kann man schon so machen.

    Ich persönlich hatte so (also ohne Exklud von mit der Filterung noch keine Probleme. Bedenke bitte auch, dass Du den Reject-Level derzeit auf 15 hast, das ist doch relativ hoch und braucht viel, bis der anschlägt. Von daher würde ich eher mal schauen, weshalb einzelne E-Mails solch einen hohen Score erhalten, nicht, dass dann doch noch Spam-E-Mails versendet werden.

    OK, dann lasse ich das mal sein mit dem extra exclude ...

    Ich habe zum testen mal DNSBL aktiviert mit hostkarma rules, könnte es daran liegen?

    skip_rbl_checks 0

    sonstiges rules: