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    Doubt it's a cloudfare issue with it being out this long. But either which way i doubt it's of major importance to nuxwin as he seems to only come on once a month or so, and seems to only be working on the rewrite and not worrying about imscp anymore.

    If you are talking about what isn't working in the maintanence branch the major thing is the plugin system is broken and you can not install plugins. there are a few other issues i found when using the maintanence branch but that is the major one.

    Nothing really gets logged in the log file thats what made this hard to figure out. Like i said after an hour or digging around and trying various things it end up i stopped proftpd and started it again. in the end it started working again and hasn't been an issue since.

    Thanks for this howto, everything seems to work next to the filemanager and adding ftp users...could not retrieve directory listing. I am working on that part to find and fix the issue. But at least with this plugins work and everything seems to be working the way it should.

    EDIT: Found the cause for file manager and adding ftp accounts not working. proftpd for some reason will not start. Now to find the reason.

    Any word on when the plugins fix will be released on the maintenance branch debian 10 has already been out for over 6 months but can't use it as plugins wont install.

    Just to keep everything in one config I'll post this here. Just some things I've noticed that are not functioning in the Debian 10 support as of yet.

    1) The support tab gives an error

    1. An unexpected error occurred
    2. An exception has been thrown in file /var/www/imscp/gui/public/admin/ticket_system.php at line 34:
    3. require_once(/var/www/imscp/gui/library/Functions/Tickets.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

    2) No matter reinstall, reconfigure can not get spamassassin plugin to install. Gives error about roundcube config missing. Comparing to a debian 9 with stable release imscp the /etc/imscp/roundcube and /etc/imscp/rainloop directories are missing in debian 10.

    3) During install enabled backup features for clients and panel still shows backups disabled.

    4) Creating an email foward seems to fail with account already exists. But you can create it with normal and forward and it will create fine.

    5) Cron jobs plugin fails with error invalid plugin archive. the build plugin info field is missing

    Will continue to test and see if I find any other issues.

    The updated git worked for me i was able to install letsencrypt without an issue. When i went to install spam assassin first i got an error about not being able to find webmail_packages in /etc/imscp/imscp.conf. Easy enough to fix just added that from a back up i had that showed it. After that i get an error about

    1. Plugin::SpamAssassin::_enableRoundcubePlugins: Couldn't find Roundcube configuration file