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    I see in the Errata-Fille for i-MSCP 1.5.2 that MySQL 5.5 is not supported anymore.

    I have Debian Jessie with MySQL 5.5.

    Must I make the update to MySQL 5.7 before or make it i-MSCP with the auto installer. ?(

    When not must I do the Update from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6 and then to MySQL 5.7. ?(

    Kind regards

    - Distribution: Debian | Release: 8.9 | Codename: jessie
    - i-MSCP Version: i-MSCP 1.4.5 | Build: 20170613 | Codename: Zimmer
    - Plugins installed: ClamAV (v. 1.3.0), Mailgraph (v 1.1.1), OpenDKIM (v 1.2.0), PanelRedirect (v 1.2.0) & SpamAssassin (v 2.0.1)
    - LetsEncrypt (v 3.3.0), PhpSwitcher (v 3.0.2), RoundcubePlugins (v 2.0.1)


    I have change the server IP and I become this error.

    How can I solve this error.

    Kind regards

    - Distribution: Ubuntu | Release: 16.04 LTS
    - i-MSCP Version: i-MSCP 1.4.7 | Build: 20170710 | Codename: Zimmer
    - Plugins installed: ClamAV (v. 1.3.0), OpenDKIM (v 1.2.0), SpamAssassin (v 2.0.1), Monitorix (v 1.2.2), PolicydSPF (v 1.2.0), RoundcubePlugins (v 2.0.1)
    - LetsEncrypt (v 3.3.0), PhpSwitcher (v 4.0.0)

    Hello Nuxwin,

    thanks for your help and you found the problem.

    There is a bug but it is in CORE. That not cause of Let's Encrypt plugin.

    When a domain get changed, the .htgroup get copied again from skeleton directory and therefore, the current one is deleted.
    The htgroup, htuser are not processed again.

    Will be fixed in next release.

    Thanks for your Support

    Hello Nuxwin,

    Sorry it is unfortunately so.

    A customer told me that the .htaccess does not work anymore.
    I've looked and the two files are blank.
    I could not stand it and have manually re-created it.

    Now my domain is the same.
    The two files are empty.
    I have create a new entry.

    I've looked what this can do.
    I've noticed that at the time a new SSL certificate was generated.

    At both domains murders at 0:10 clock the datas.

    I do not know whether it's Let's Enccrypt or backup at the same time ?

    I just wanted to say it and ask if you have an idea why.

    Kind regards