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    Hi , can you please give us a short information-update? .. perhaps a little workaround (codepatch in current phpswitcher-version) so we can include PHP7.2 and perhaps PHP 7.1 update from Ondry Sury ? We have to act for our customers :thumbup: Thx a lot in advance.

    Hi nuxwin,

    your information from May in mind, when we can actually expect update of non-free plugin phpswitcher so newer php versions i.e. 5.6.38 and 7.1.22 can be installed ? The PHP-versions we actually can install by phpswitcher are outdated since 11 months :( and the switch force-last ends in errors X/
    We know you are very busy on next step version imscp, perhaps it is possible only to upgrade the patch-files in the actual downloadable phpswitcher-plugin so PHP 5.6 and 7.1 can be updated to current version ?
    Thanks in advance for your response and updated phpswitcher-patchfiles.