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    i am not really familar with mscp but since 2-3 days NOTHING really works anymore, PHP apps got broken, E_STRICT is suddenly on, Content Encoding Error all over the place, log files are missing....and and

    Is it possible that an auto-update of mscp ruined my settings and server ? I am really upset! This cost my entire weekend to fix.

    thanks for the tips! I will do so.

    I just noticed that crash doesn't occur when the file is printed out on a fast connection. Weird, this code worked so far with all PHP versions below 5.5.9:
    self::sendHeader( $mime, false, basename( $target_file ) );

    // chunk file
    $chunk_size = intval( $options[ self::OPTION_CHUNK_SIZE ] ) * 1024 * 1024; // Convert chunk size to bytes
    $handle = fopen( $target_file, 'rb' );
    while ( ! feof( $handle ) ) {
    $buffer = fread( $handle, $chunk_size );
    echo $buffer;
    set_time_limit( 50 );
    fclose( $handle );

    I will ask the PHP guys ;-)

    i think i had:
    Guenter Baumgart: banned
    mc007: password didn't work anymore, reset password said "Account is connected with a 3rd party website, password cannot be requested."
    and mc007ibi: same as mc007 I think.

    but I am not sure about anymore which account did lead to which banning/error message, sorry i was in a hurry. But I do remember that all accounts got disabled after while...

    "It's may more because of your Nick." : very funny, didn't like the name my Mum gave me either :S

    nice and thanks for the heads up. But banning me 3 times for entering 1.2 instead of 1.2.9 seems quite tough, no ? Else I entered PHP: 5.4 and Apache: 2.2.... However, I didn't know its killing my accounts on such thing, please leave a note in the registration form, its wasting just a hell of time for no real reason.... X/