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    Tried to fix by renewing Certificate through the CP but that didn't help. Went back in and first Revoked the Certificate and then Renewed Certificate and that worked like a charm. I thought there was a more complicated problem since I had Cloned the server, but it turned out this simple solution did the trick.

    Thanks FloRet88 for the quick reply and simple advice, I wish more things in life could be solved so quickly. :thumbsup:

    I use both Chrome and Firefox to verify the function ability of my Websites. Today all of my sites on my server are showing SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE but only on Firefox 70.0.1 64-bit. I am running the sites off of I-MSCP 1.5.3 and using the Letsencrypt Plugin 3.5.0. I added a site to the server yesterday without a problem. Is this a server cache problem? One last thing, I cloned the server and ran I-MSCP Perl install script on the clone to change IP address, the clone is working fine. I removed some sites on the clone that were on the original server without revoking the certificates first. If this is the problem how can I clean up the old certificates from the clone?

    I have been using I-MSCP for several years now and have recently installed the latest I-MSCP 1.5.3 on a new server.

    With the EOL of PHP 7.1 coming up I would like to use at least PHP 7.3 as default PHP version.

    I have tried to use the script perl imscp-autoinstall -dr php to change the default version but only PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1 are available while using this script.

    I use PHPSwitcher and PHP 7.3 is installed and available from the I-MSCP backend.

    Any help would be appreciated or reference to the documentation that explains how to change PHP default version.

    Any suggestions how to properly setup Cloudflare while using the LetsEncrypt Plugin? Right now I'm getting a message saying "This site can't provide a secure connection". I'm using the Free Cloudflare Plan and have set SSL: Full not Full (Strict). It does state in the Crypto area of the CloudFlare Control Panel Note: SSL certificate issuance may take up to 24 hours. From my understanding the LetsEncrypt Certificate on my server will be used by CloudFlare. If anyone has come across this situation before let me know your thoughts. Is this a problem misconfigured CloudFlare or should I just be patient.

    I have purchased the LetsEncrypt Plugin and installed on a DO "Digital Ocean" Ubuntu 16.04 system with no problem. I was wondering if there is anything further I need to do, install Cert-bot or other utilities on the server to get up and running. Besides the images, screenshots of the i-MSCP backend, I can't find any further installation instructions. I have added the first domain to the i-MSCP but it is not connected to the Live Domain IP. So the certificate can't be created yet. Is there a suggested way to test the domain before going live? I hope my questions were clear enough.