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    Not sure why my previous post about this was deleted???
    After upgrading to latest version I noticed that the Lets Encrypt certificates no longer work. They were installed from Linux command line. A plugin was not being used.
    Any suggestions would be helpful

    Debian ver:8.7
    i-Mscp ver:1.3.7

    I installed opendkim and the plugin according to the wiki. It does not appear to be working. Perhaps somebody could answer some noob questions...
    Does it automaticaly create a key or do I have to do this? I looked in /etc/opendkim/keys/ and there is nothing.
    Should it just work without any configs or changes?


    Thanks for the assistance

    It has nothing to do with not searching or being lazy.
    Here is the result of the forum search when searching for: net2ftp problems when using ssl
    No items matched your search terms: “net2ftp problems when using ssl”.
    Just to show you that depending on your choice of words a result might not be returned.

    Sorry if this is elsewhere - I got an error when I first posted it.

    php 5.4.3
    i-mscp 1.2.2

    I did a fresh install of i-mscp and left all settings on default. I then decided to use a certificate on the site and changed from http to https using perl imscp-autoinstall -dasr ssl
    When I went into the net2ftp page most of the stuff on the page was not working. I saw that the browser is blocking the javascript on the page
    because it says it is unsecure content. The reason is because the javascript links are all still http instead of https.
    Is there any simple way to fix this?

    Yes the updates you made which were available in this forum. I downloaded them but how can I make it that a client can use
    the software install feature to install them. For example the Wordpress in the software repository is ver 3.4.1 and your one was ver 4.1
    Also what is the SIGNATURE_LINK? Is it and MD5 or something?

    Oops I have not made myself clear. I am talking about if one wants to create a new 'Web Software Repository' and point to that.
    The current one in the admin options points to

    Would it be possible to have a separate hosting plan that the admin sets and a different one that the reseller sets.
    The reasoning for this is as follows:
    You have different reseller plans in which the resellers pay according to resources set in the plan.
    The resellers can then create their own plans with those resources they have purchased

    Apache 2
    php 5.4.3
    i-MSCP 1.2.2

    The packages in the default Web software repository ( appear to be older versions than the updated ones posted in the forum.
    I looked at the xml file thinking that I could pehaps point to my own repository but it makes reference to a SIGNATURE_LINK and I am not sure how that sig is made.
    Can the packages just be directly uploaded to /var/www/imscp/gui/data/persistent/softwares/? or is there a bit more required?

    Can anyone throw some light on this?