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    Could you help me make this change work for you? i made the changes but no data is mapped to the created sql database.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    hello: istván

    Üdvözlöm. tudna nekem segíteni hogy ez a módosítás önnél hogy müködik? meg csináltam a módosításokat,de a létrehozott sql adatbázisban nem képződnek le adatok.

    segítségét előre is köszönöm.

    üdv: István


    Re-activating alt.url i-mscp 1.4.7 Has anyone ever tried to activate it again?
    perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -dar alt_urls_featureI re-activated it, but each domain points to the server's default domain.
    I do not work.
    I posted on the forum yesterday but I can not find my dress.
    If anyone can help me, it's pretty uncomfortable ...

    Update imscp 1.4.6 to 1.4.7 plugins statusz ok, turn Since the update, phpswitch does not replace the specified domains php version for long hours only says it is changing ...
    Debian 8
    Imscp is currently updated 1.4.7
    Phpswitch is the latest

    Regards István

    The following was the error,
    [Fatal] iMSCP :: DbTasksProcessor :: _ processModuleDbTasks: Can not use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /var/www/imscp/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ line 208.
    ... propagated at /var/www/imscp/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ line 487.
    hi: Stephen

    System Details:

    Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 (jessie)
    PHP Ver: 5.6.30 (Default)
    MYSQL Ver: 5.7.17
    Vsftpd Ver: 3.0.2

    I-MSCP VER. I-MSCP 1.3.16 Build 20170107 Codename: Horner

    Plugins Installed and Active:

    AdminerSQL - Ver. 1.0.1
    ClamAV - Ver. 1.2.0
    CronJobs - Ver. 1.4.1
    DebugBar - Ver. 1.1.2
    DomainAutoApproval - Ver. 1.1.2
    InstantSSH - Ver. 5.0.1
    LetsEncrypt - Ver. 3.0.0
    Mailgraph - Ver. 1.1.1
    Mailman - Ver. 1.0.3
    Monitorix - Ver. 1.2.2
    OpenDKIM - Ver. 1.1.3
    PanelRedirect - Ver. 1.1.5
    PhpSwitcher - Ver. 3.0.3
    PolicydSPF - Ver. 1.1.0
    PolicydWeight - Ver. 1.1.0
    Postgrey - Ver. 1.1.1
    Postscreen - Ver. 1.1.0
    ServerDefaultPage - Ver. 1.2.5
    SpamAssassin - Ver. 1.1.1

    CronJobs. - Ver 1.4.1 client cron problem
    when I get the next opportunity cron user error,

    [Tue Mar 28 10:33:11 2017] [fatal] I-MSCP :: :: _ DbTasksProcessor process: :: Plugin :: _ CronJobs writeCronTable: Could not find `'user entry in the passwd file. /var/www/imscp/engine/PerlLib/iMSCP/ at line 451, <$ fh> line 12th

    Reseller Authorization cron, no problem,
    domain owner it is possible cron I get an error, as shown
    I tried to remove a cron job, sql plugin you can re-enable and ok, but when I once again get a cron job domain owner and errors cron module unexpected error and is no longer working.

    Sorry for my bad english
    I am Hungarian users

    Thank you in advance for your help

    Szia Dylan ,

    Nálam a php alapu email küldés smtp hitelesítéshez van kötve minden usernél.
    Szerencsére a listában szereplő szürök müködnek rendesen a bejövö korlát a kimenő korlát stb..

    Tegnap ki próbáltam,a kérdésedre a válasz,igen számolja.
    Remélem hasznát tudod venni a leírásnak te is.

    plusz captcha van elhelyezve.

    Nálam ez már működik...végre
    install: deb7,deb8

    1. Install a DBMS (MySQL for instance), cluebringer, and cluebringer-webui :
    apt-get install mysql-server cluebringer cluebringer-mysql cluebringer-webui

    Note that cluebringer-webui will install apache as a dependency if you don’t already have a webserver.

    2.Set-up the Cluebringer databaseGet the initial database schema that correspond to your DBMS, for instance mysql :

    cp /usr/share/doc/postfix-cluebringer/database/policyd-db.mysql.gz ~/ && gunzip ~/policyd-db.mysql.gz

    3.Create the database, and populate it with the initial dump :

    # cd ~/ && mysql -u root -pmysql> CREATE DATABASE cluebringer;
    mysql> CREATE USER 'cluebringer'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'mypassword';
    mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON cluebringer.* TO 'cluebringer'@'localhost';
    mysql> \. policyd-db.mysql
    mysql> quit
    mysql> Bye
    Note that on Debian I had to modify the dump to make it work, TYPE=InnoDB was rejected by MySQL as an invalid syntax.Editors db.mysql you replace the Policy-TYPE = InnoDB -> ENGINE = InnoDB

    4.Configure CluebringerAdd your DBMS credentials to the file /etc/cluebringer/cluebringer.conf


    service postfix-cluebringer start

    5.Configure Cluebringer webuiConfigure the file /etc/cluebringer/cluebringer-webui.conf with your DBMS credentials :


    Cluebringer Webui needs a web server to run. Copy the sample configuration from the package documentation :

    cp /usr/share/doc/postfix-cluebringer-webui/examples/httpd/cluebringer-httpd.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/

    Restart Apache :

    service apache2 restart

    6.Configure Cluebringer using its webuiAdd a policy

    Under Policies -> Main, disable Test policy (select policy and choose Action -> Change and switch Disabled to yes, validate)
    Add a new policy : Action -> Add, give it a name and a description
    Activate your new policy : select policy and choose Action -> Change (switch Disabled to no)
    Add a new member to your policy : select it and choose Action -> Members, and then Action -> Add. Specify any as source and any as destination.
    Go back to your policy, choose Action -> Members, and the select your member, do Action -> Change, and activate your new member (switch Disabled tono).

    Add a quota
    Under Quotas -> Configure, disable Test quotas.
    Add a new quota : Choose Action -> Add

    • Name : whatever you want
    • Track : user@domain
    • Period (seconds) : 3600
    • Link to policy : specify the policy you created here
    • Verdict : Defer
    • Data : set a custom error message here
    • Comment : whatever you want

    Activate your quota : switch Disabled to no.
    Add a limit to your quota : select your quota, and choose Action -> Limits, then Action -> Add.

    • Type : MessageCount
    • Counter Limit : 200

    Activate your limit : switch Disabled to no.

    7.Configure Postfix to call Cluebringer for each mail sent

    Open /etc/postfix/ and locate the line smtpd_sender_restrictions.
    Add check_policy_service inet: at the end of the line, for instance :

    smtpd_sender_restrictions = check_sender_access mysql:/etc/postfix/, check_policy_service inet:

    f the line does not exists, simply add it.
    Don’t forget to restart Postfix :
    service postfix restart

    8.Check your configYou can now send some mails to see what happens. To check if these mails are passed to Cluebringer, connect to MySQL as thecluebringer user :

    # mysql -u cluebringer -p cluebringer

    And execute the query :

    mysql> SELECT * FROM quotas_tracking;

    You should see the value LastUpdate and Counter updating when sending a mail. Note that sending to multiple recipient will count like multiple mails were sent.Cluebringer versions prior to 2.1.x does not support IPv6, your customers won’t be able to send any mail if they have an IPv6 connection.Unfortunately, the Debian stable version (wheezy) provides Cluebringer 2.0.10 within its repositories, as well as the experimental release of Debian (sid). As an alternative, you should consider installing the 2.1.x experimental Cluebringer from official website instead of Debian packages from repositories.