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    I know what MaxClients means, but I tought if the server reaches this limit, the next connections will be denied, but after some session will be ended, the server will be ready again.
    Am I right?
    Or if the server reaches the MaxClients, then will be frozen immediately?

    Yesterday 9:58am was the restart of services by me.

    Otherwise yesterday I put +4GB RAM into the server.

    Here is the current free -m:

    1. total used free shared buffers cached
    2. Mem: 7642 7480 161 0 895 4797
    3. -/+ buffers/cache: 1787 5854
    4. Swap: 9539 0 9539

    (Why is used 7480k from 7642k ? Is this normal?)


    have a look in /var/log/apache2/error.log
    Are there any errors?


    This is the full error log of yesterday:

    Sorry for my late post, but today was the next event, when the services crashed.

    I restarted the mysql service -> the server still down from browser.
    I restarted the apache2 service -> the server is UP from browser.

    So, something wrong with apache I think.

    I checked the mem as you said "free-m":

    1. root@mydomain:/var/log# free -m total used free shared buffers cachedMem: 3610 3366 244 0 736 1120-/+ buffers/cache: 1509 2101Swap: 9539 10 9529

    Top results:

    1. top - 10:10:41 up 23:14, 1 user, load average: 0.04, 0.07, 0.10
    2. Tasks: 228 total, 1 running, 227 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
    3. Cpu(s): 0.1%us, 0.2%sy, 0.0%ni, 99.7%id, 0.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.1%si, 0.0%st
    4. Mem: 3696984k total, 3446740k used, 250244k free, 753944k buffers
    5. Swap: 9768956k total, 10692k used, 9758264k free, 1147396k cached

    My server processor is: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz

    var/log/syslog is full of mailing (dovecot, postfix) messages, NOTHING about apache crashes.

    (I know the service stopping time, so I see +/- 30 min, nothing.)

    I have Ubuntu 12.04, so I don't have var/log/messages so I cechked /var/log/syslog
    Syslog is also full of mailing (dovecot, postfix) messages, nothing about apache.

    Anyway: how can I set up that mailing log messages go to separately?


    I have an Ubuntu 12.04.05 LTS server, core I5, 8GB RAM.
    I use I-MSCP 1.2.2, Build: 20150212 with cca. 50 domains.

    Relatively frequent the users call me that the server is not reachable.
    They have right, I try to visit the pages and no HTTP answer from the server.

    Fortunately the server technically up and run, I can log in via SSH.
    But the apache2 service restart and the mysqld service restart doesn't help, only the full system restart.

    The question is: where can I start debug the problem?

    I don't see any error messages..

    Thank you very much! I tried to use the search, but I didn't find this post.

    This was the solution.

    (Please, edit the vlogger script /usr/local/sbin/vlogger and change:Line 337

    Perl Source Code
    #chdir( $LOGDIR );

    byPerl Source Code
    chdir( $LOGDIR );

    Once done, restart Apache. Don't forget to remove directories which were created due to that bug.)

    Dear Community,

    after I upgraded my server to 1.2.2 version, all my hosted domains access.log files moved to the / folder.

    Here is a little part of my / folders:



    It's very ugly and mess for me. ;(
    Is this a normal workflow? =O

    How can I move this folders back to /var/log ?

    Thank you!

    Dear All,

    I tried to update from i-MSCP 1.1.11 to 1.1.13.
    I did updates many times before successfull, followed this steps:

    But when I try to update to 1.1.13 I get this error message from the installer script after few steps:
    "An i-MSCP or related process is currently running on your system. You must wait until the end of the processes and re-run the installer."
    (see attached pic)

    What can I do to make the update?
    Thank you!




    I tried to do this, followed the steps, here is the result after I tried to run the imsc-setup script:
    (i-mscp version 1.1.9 eagle)

    /var/www/imscp/engine/setup# ./imscp-setup --reconfigure


    iMSCP::Debug::__ANON__: Unrecognized character \xC2; marked by <-- HERE after
    at master <-- HERE near column 72 at
    /etc/imscp/hooks.d/ line 13, <$fh> line 746.
    Compilation failed in require at
    /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/../PerlLib/iMSCP/ line 160, <$fh>
    line 746.

    What can I do?