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    I recently bought a few of the payed plugins (Let's Encrypt and others). For tax purposes I was searching for a bill or anything similar, an official order confirmation or such.
    Is there anything like that? It does not have to include sales tax (if there are non because of the small business nature of the plugin store), but a bill should always get generated when payed services are offered.


    I had no problem installing rc4.7 (fresh install, no update) with the exact same database. Somewhere in the update process old mysql passwords stop to work. The database currently has some old passwords (in old_password format, 16 char hash) and all new users / passwords are 41 char hashes). The mix does not seem to work in the update process.

    [update] and thus the solution: I had to convert the password of the root user to the new hash format for the upgrade to work.
    This is a new problem for me: the old passwords don't work anymore since 1.1.0 - I'm currently resetting all passwords to get them to be safed in the new password format to get that fixed.

    Ok, the critical error comes earlier:

    I was just checking how deep the rabit hole goes - I deleted the columns afterwards. The error comes back even after a fresh install of 1.1.0-rc4.7 and another try to get the update going. Debug log says:

    The admin table in the imscp-database seems to be incomplete in the RC4.7 - the columns admin_sys_name and admin_sys_gname are missing (setup breaks there).
    When I add those and restart the setup, the installer hangs because those columns are empty (of course, I think the installer would like the user and group name in there).

    The error is thrown in the php-fpm-installation process.

    I did another update from 1.1.0-rc2.3 and one from 1.0.3 - both were totally fine. Only upgrade from RC4.7 is not working properly.
    I could however reinstall RC4.7 without a problem, server is running ok.

    I think that behaviour is a much cleaner solution than the confixx way, managed like this you always have a stable domain/folder relationship, always have a htdocs/ for the web files, the same base structure. Very neat.

    The only thing I miss is being able to point domains/aliases/subdomains to an existing folder. Works in some menus (Reseller->add alias), but not in others (almost everywhere else).