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    I agree with you that you need more than the records themselves in the dns zone, but it is enough to not add them manually so that they do not overwrite us. Just running the rest of the "finger" is no longer so bothersome.

    I am also very happy with your acceptance and I understand that there are more things to do that are more important :) Thank You :)

    I just see that you will need to bind a little script to automagically sign zone files.

    Currently, i-mscp allows you to add manual entries of type A, AAAA, SRV, CNAME, MX, NS, SPF, TXT.

    Would it be possible to extend this list with, for example, necessary to run DNSSEC and add, among others, such as DS, RRSIG, DNSKEY?

    Possibly some type generator where would the permissible parameters of the entry type be configured?