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    today I installed PHP 8.0 and updated an (compiled) PHP 7.4 Version with an Packed one.

    After anything was done without any Error the Website can't be loaded anymore. I looked into the error Log an saw this:

    1. [Thu Nov 04 10:00:26.932719 2021] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 20143:tid 139730217842432] [client] AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Warning: session_start(): Failed to read session data: user (path: /var/www/virtual/ in /var/www/virtual/ on line 260'

    After I switched to an compiled Version of PHP 7.3 I could load the Website again.

    Whats wrong?


    nach den Patch wegen des Root Zertifikates aus einem anderen Thread funktionierte mein SMTP Dienst mit SSL nicht mehr.

    Diesen bekomme ich derzeit nur mit einem Selbsegnieren Zertifikat ans laufen. Laut dem Letsencrypt Plugin soll dies über das Plugin laufen, aber wo finde ich die Option??

    Worked for nearly anything except SMTP, Mail Clients who try to send mails via SSL got Error "Encryptionmethod not supported".


    I'm trying to update my PHP Version, but getting this error:

    It doesn't matters which Version I try to install. Only PHP 8 I can compile, but this can't registered as the Script says it Folder wasn't found :/


    I would like to log Usernames of failed SASL Authentications.
    I tried to change the log_level to 6 in smtpd.conf of Postfix and Courier. Also I added the "-v" in after smptd. The Log file got bigger but not on auth failed lines.

    Does not work for me:


    I tried to Update the PHP installations but just the Version 7.4 could not get upgradet to the last release. PHP 8.0 could not get installed at all without Error Messages.
    The Error message:

    1. [ERROR] main: An error occurred while executing MAKE(1) target(s) for PHP 7.4.16: dh_install: Compatibility levels before 9 are deprecated (level 7 in use)

    What I have to do?