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    Hi nuxi and sci2tech
    great you like the idea... I wanted to separate the things since a long time but with the multiple server thing it's now more interesting and makes more sense... :-)

    I don't understand this part:


    <nuxwin> but ok, still the problem of SQL users linked to the databases
    <nuxwin> BTW, we should fin a way to link user to customers databases
    <nuxwin> but you got the idea ?
    <nuxwin> by doing like this, for example, if one user want not use the daemon at all, h ecan!

    what do you mean with "link users to customers database" or "if a user don't want to use the daemon, he can"... ?

    let's start to make some drafts... maybe the wiki has a place where we could discuss this in a written way...


    As soon as i-MSCP runs on another Server than the services (the *MS*) then all the direct mechanisms of the actual ispcp are useless.
    so we have to do it via daemon (or something which replaces the daemon...) which runs on every of the controlled server...

    That's also why the productive mail-users need to be in a separate DB (not on the i-MSCP-Server but on the Mailserver...) :-)

    Seems that we need a good communication between the gui->daemon->servers... etc

    and we need to think different than before...


    Right killburn. Maybe it's possible to create such a ftp user with each domain or with each user (depending on the system users and permissions) - and then also configure the ftp server to only accept theese userlogins from "localhost" (or from the adminpanel-Server).


    this should be a clarification threat to some thoughs we wrote on IRC last night....
    there were some mssunderstandings, so I try to rewrite the thoughts...

    We could define:
    - the i-MSCP Gui only reads&writes to the i-mscp database and does not need full MySQL root privileges. Customer passwords (mail, ftp, mysql, webfolder protection etc etc) are stored encypted - always.
    - for every service an engine script reads the relevant data from the i-mscp database, changes them as neede (e.g. makes hashes, rearrages the data...) and writes the data for productive operation to the needed places (depends on the type and package of service). If the service can use a database, then maybe it's possible to use an i-MSCP-prod database for theese data (so it's not inside the internal i-mscp db). And remember: also creation of a customer database & db user should be done by a engine script (not by the i-MSCP GUI).

    This makes it possible to have the engine scripts running on different servers - a step closer to the *MS* in i-MSCP....
    and it's easier to adopt i-MSCP to other services (eg. dovecot instead of courier etc...) or to add new modules (eg. cron :-)

    I hope it's more clear now what kassah and I wanted to tell....


    I don't think we need a poll - theese are wishes from everyone...

    - ispcp-users independant of domain names
    - a user can have several domains, some with a real hosting, some like aliases (like ServerAlias, also with mail) or redirecting or maybe frame-hosting (loads another site inside a frame...)
    - a fix file/folder structure for domains and subdomains, maybe with possibility to change manually (for experts)


    In my (older) ispcp I can add an domain alias (bad name for this) to folder / which will add the domain in the same folder as the main domain. Or I can set the folder to anothr domain alias folder - or simply let the default crreate a new folder.

    I like the way with the fix set of subfolders (htdocs etc) - I don't like the name "domain alias" because I think an alias is something like the apache ServerAlias - so just a second name for the same website (and mail!).
    So I'd like it more like plesk: add a domain (alias): choose: real alias or forwarding or iframe solution... (load the main domain in a frame)....

    Plesk (I one had to ccare about an older plesk driven server) has a much more fix structure:

    Most of the folders in the home were not writebale by the user... this way you have a better control.
    We all know the problem when a user deletes a DocumentRoot folder (apache won't (re)start) - so we had to add many configs for proftpd (for every subdomain+domainalias) which slows down ftp loading.....

    So... lets conclude... Most important a fix structure (for most of the people), but a flexible way to create "personal solutions" would be nice!