Howto change User ID's of clients

  • Hello,

    I use i-MSCP for clients on different servers (at the moment 2) located in
    different data centers. Each server has the backup of all important/necessary
    data (mysql-db's, /etc, /var/www ...) to restore the other.
    So in rare case that one has a hardware fault which takes a longer time to
    repair i must be able to get my clients websites up and running on the remaining server.

    The problem is that on both servers the client user ID's start with vu200x ...
    So it is not possible to restore the client data with user id vu2004 from server A
    on server B with the same user id, because this is already in use by another user with
    id vu2004 on server B.

    How can i set the starting id number on different servers, e.g. vu2000 on server A
    and vu3000 on server B, and so on, so that it is possible to use the backup of client data
    without troubles on any other server?

    Kind regards

  • Hello,

    You can change the related parameters in the imscp.conf file

    1. # Do not forget to run the imscp-setup script# after changing these parametersSYSTEM_USER_PREFIX = vuSYSTEM_USER_MIN_UID = 2000

    For a fresh installation

    You must edit the configs/debian/imscp.conf file in the archive prior running the installer.

    For an old installation

    You must in order:

    • Enable the maintenance mode in the panel
    • Remove any entry vuxxx from the passwd, group and shadow files
    • Change the SYSTEM_USER_PREFIX and/or SYSTEM_USER_MIN_UID in the /etc/imscp/imscp.conf file
    • Run the following SQL queries:

      1. # mysql -u root -p<password>
      2. > use imscp;
      3. > UPDATE admin SET admin_sys_name = null, admin_sys_uid = 0, admin_sys_gname = null, admin_sys_gid = 0, admin_status = 'ok';
      4. > UPDATE domain SET domain_status = 'ok';
      5. > UPDATE subdomain SET subdomain_status = 'ok';
      6. > UPDATE domain_aliasses SET alias_status = 'ok';
      7. > UPDATE subdomain_alias SET subdomain_alias_status = 'ok';
      8. > UPDATE mail_users SET status = 'ok';
      9. > quit;
    • Rerun the installer