Installation of PIKWIK

  • Hello

    I'm interested to install Pikwik instead of AwStats or in complement

    I've found this…howto:use_piwik_for_stats
    But no idea if it's still valid. So I give a try.

    I was able to install Piwik, to configure it, and to import the logs of all the website.
    For the logs, I have a doubt. I'm reading the file /var/log/apache2/$DOMAIN/access.log
    But what about the /var/log/apache2/$DOMAIN/error.log ? Sounds it's important to import data if there are some data in those logs.

    My question is about the authentification of the users to access their own data.

    I see the Alias /stats but in the actual file, for AwStats, there is a http authenticate process.

    How will it work for users with piwik ?

    I don't want to kill awstats now, so I plan to create a /piwik alias.

    Should I copy the parameters used for the aWstats ?