cluebringer webui Alias howto ?

  • Hi There.
    I would like to ask that someone might know that I can do to help integrate
    webalapon be available to the Policy v2 installed on the web just do not know to restore access.
    the code is as follows:

    Alias / cluebringer / usr / share / postfix-cluebringer-WebUI / WebUI
    where to put this, so as not to Error 404 Page Not Found to be.
    i-mscp VERSION 1.2.8

    Thanks in advance for your answer

    Dankó István

  • Hello ;

    You can add that configuration snippet into a custom file such as /etc/apache2/sites-available/10_cluebringer.conf but you must also define permissions because by default we prevent www-data to access any file other than those managed by i-MSCP.

    To resume, you could try something like this:

    1. Create the file /etc/apache2/sites-available/10_cluebringer.conf with the following content

    1. Alias /cluebringer /usr/share/postfix-cluebringer-WebUI/WebUI<Directory /usr/share/postfix-cluebringer-WebUI/WebUI> Allow from all</Directory>

    2. Enable the new configuration file and restart Apache2

    1. # a2ensite 10_cluebringer.con
    2. # service apache2 restart

    Once done, you should be able to access your software interface using url such as http://<your_domain.tld>/cluebringer


  • thank you very much
    I forgot to describe this not be achieved through our https protocol
    in case we have to for unlawful?

    http 80 port
    https:443,4443 :(

    I made the change, but unfortunately still receive this phenomenon.
    Error 404
    Page Not Found

    Dankó István

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  • Re;

    You want access that interface through panel domain or your customers's domains? For the first case, you must operate at Nginx configuration level, else, you must operate at Apache2 configuration level (as shown in my previous post). Give us more details and if you don't figure out alone, add my SSH key to your server and I'll setup that for you but first please, give us more details ;)


  • You want access that interface through panel
    config mail/hour/user
    I would like to achieve the same as PMA / webmail / ftp
    This version 1.2.2 before he wrote worked

    Dankó István