i think i found a problem in the I-MSCP software's

  • After I try to install my wordpress 4.1 made for I-MSCP I found a problem.
    The password, pass hash, etc (salt,passhash) don't work.

    After that i try with default PhpBB 3.0.10 from I-MSCP Software Repo. Same thing.

    user_password field from users tabel is empty.

    Can someone can check if I'm right ?

    My sistem:
    Ubuntu 12.04 ,
    php 5.3.10,
    MySql Percona 5.6.
    I-MSCP 1.2.4

    I think this is hapend after I-MSCP version 1.2.1 or 1.2.2 .

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  • Hello ;

    The software installer will be fully rewritten in i-MSCP v2.0.0 but for now, I'll surely not lost time with packages that are coded without following any interface.


    @Ninos, maybe you want play with that <X


  • In my spare time I'll have a look on that, but atm I cannot, sry :/

    PS: In which version the package worked fine?

  • user_password was not changed since 1.2.1..