Built in Support Ticket shows wrong URL (missing Control Panel Port)

  • Hi!

    When using the built-in Support Ticket feature (IMSCP 1.2.4) (i.e.: a client opens a support ticket to the reseller), the sent mail
    is including a a wrong URL. Or to be precise, it's missing the (default) Control-Panel Port (4443):

    1. Dear <RESELLER>,You have a new ticket:Priority: MediumJust a simple test!Log in to answer https://imscp.example.com

    I think it should be:

    1. Log in to answer https://imscp.example.com:4443

    It's the same for responses (reseller to client). I'm sure i can alter it manually (i haven't checked that yet), but it should
    at least include the default Control-Panel port that was configured during the installation ;)


  • Hello ;

    Could you open a ticket on our bug tracker ( https://youtrack.i-mscp.net/issues )?



  • Fixed in version 1.2.5.