Best Distro

  • What is your personal favorite distro that you think is the best over another distro?

    For me it's Sabayon for home use, and ClearOS for server usage.

  • I've always been a fan of Debian based distributions.

    For server use, Debian has always been my primary choice.

    For personal/home use Crunchbanglinux is my favorite.

    If I remember correctly I used ClearOS when it was called ClarkConnect as router software. Now I've moved on to pfSense which is BSD based.

  • I really don't know which is the best distro.
    For personal use people says Arch is fantastic, but I'm too old to waste my little spare time to configure that distro.

    My personal pc usually runs Ubuntu and something like that (ElementaryOS, LinuxMint...).
    On my laptop I'd like to use ChromiumOS, but hexxeh's build don't like my hardware.
    My mediacenter pc runs XBMC. I tried every possibile configurations, like Openolec, XMBCUbuntu and custom versions.

    My linux servers at work runs CentOS, Ubuntu Server, Openfiler, Zentyal, ESX Enterprise and some other appliances.
    Next step is to try pfSense as our new lan gateway/firewall to replace our old Zentyal.