No payment options?

  • I am slightly confused this...:huh:

    I can create a hosting package and give it both a price and a set-up cost, but there is nowhere to pay when that package is ordered??

    I don't quite understand the reasoning behind that :/

    I understand that there is other software that can handle payments just fine, but if I went with any of the good ones, I would have to pay (I'm trying to make this as low-cost as possible, to transfer on the savings :P ).

    Is there a plugin yet that allows me to add the payment "button" right into the ordering process?

    P.S. This, and the fact that the captcha is case sensitive are the only real problems I have found. The rest is just beautiful :D

  • I saw that it had no option for paying :P
    Are there any plans to implement payment options? I'm sure integrating paypal as a payment method would be quite easy, right? :)

    So in the end I have to buy WHMCS... I was hoping to avoid it at all costs (emphasis on "costs" >_>).
    Without it, I would have a total cost of only around $65-$70 a month especially since your awesome panel is a viable cPanel "replacement" (not "alternative" :P ).

  • Quick question: would the boxbilling plugin still work?
    I know that it has stopped being updated, and I'm willing to maybe tweak it a bit, but I was wondering if it would install cleanly and still be functional on the latest version of i-MSCP.

  • Oh. I thought that the code there was for an alpha version or something :/
    Oh well then :)

    Just exploring my options.

  • WHMCS is the best option and isn't very much cost per month for what it can do. These guys made a very nice bridge for it that works wonderfully. I recommend the setup.