Multiple instances Mysql

  • Hello friends

    Sorry my English is very bad translator.

    I had to set up a server with multiple MySQL instances to use several Masters MySQL servers with a single slave,
    The system works properly,

    The following 6 instances are configured:

    I need a little help is to double phpmyadmin

    /tools/pma -> port 3306 standard
    /tools/pma1 -> port 3307
    /tools/pma2 -> port 3308
    I need a little help is to double phpmyadmin

    pma -> port 3306 standard
    PMA1 -> port 3307
    pma2 -> port 3308

    No meeting indicate where to load / var / lib / mysql1

    Always load master server

    any help


  • Thanks friend for your interest,

    But all instances run on the same server, with the same IP, is 5 mysql servers on the same IP each with a route, each with a few users, privileges and a different tables.

    What you say and understand, sorry if my mistake ....
    It is connected to other services resolved externally mysql

    And is not my case all operate internally on the same machine, ip, under a system that allows multi manage independently

    /usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir=/usr --datadir=/var/lib/mysql1
    /usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir=/usr --datadir=/var/lib/mysql2


  • Many thanks mate,

    I test this weekend and tell you how it went.

    Very grateful for your help and time for this

  • Hi mate, say that tutorial worked properly, all MySQL instances are loaded and works well with one pma.

    Thanks for the help


  • @kurgans

    You're running all those MySQL server instance on the same server? I hope your server resources are sufficient ;)


  • Yes, I now have 7 mysql servers running on the same server.

    I have one that is the main, for installation of our panel, and also have 6 other servers used to be slaves 6 mysql master servers.

    Made the first synchronization consumption is very small.

    Master servers are not very large, and the CPU does not have a high load, only 2 or 3% at some point of the day
    I thought about putting smaller virtual machines to synchronize masters ...

    ....but I read a little about multiple instances of MySQL and thought I would try this system, to synchronize
    And I'm very happy, it is a good result, much less work to mount virtual.

    Server features
    16GB ECC Ram
    Intel Xeon W3520
    2.66 GHz +
    4 cores / 8 threads