[not i-mscp related​] BoxBilling - change contract period?

  • there is a problem with boxbilling period select ... a customer can choose between 1 and 5 years, but there is no way to allow only a 1 year contract period
    anyone knows how to fix / modify that?
    I've already asked BB support but no one cares ...

  • What for a Product do you created?

    Hi gOOvER,
    (domain name) I use the custom domain module and BB shows a period select menu after domain check
    1 year @ xx EUR
    2 year's @ xx EUR
    3 year's @ xx EUR
    4 year's @ xx EUR
    5 year's @ xx EUR

    but there are many domain names which can not be registered for 5 years and I do not know if I still have my company then ;)

  • a quick temporary solution ;-)

    change this line:

    1. <select name="register_years" id="registration-years"></select>


    1. <select onfocus="this.blur();" name="register_years" id="registration-years"></select>