i-MSCP, pretty exciting after all

  • I did a Lenny 2 Squeeze update last night. Went smootly. While watching the show, I surfed to ***** and ask myself : where the hell is Nuxwin? Then look for sci2tech and discover his "never comming back" signature.
    Then a little stress.
    Then find i-MSCP.
    Then gatter some info and look at the dev team here !?
    As you can see, I have missed a few episode...
    Was a bit pissed at first must admit. So you guys must have been a lot to make that move.

    Anyway just way to say :
    "Hell Yeah!"

    Good initiative, I like the "Multi"
    Keep it up.

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  • We thank you. Since there was not a team, nor a proper democratic environment we where forced to take this decision. It seems you miss some episodes even after we left that team ;). So welcome here.