Any guide for Upgrading Apache 2.2 to 2.4?.

  • I didn't had ClamAV installed but you remind me now to use it. Can you please tell me more about correct order installation?.

    At present I have spamassassin. Problem was with its plugin. I was having an unexpected error also in it. Fixed it by restarting the service and disabling and enabling the plugin.

  • Please wait for the 1.2.3-release. I don't know the correct order anymore..

  • @Ninos

    ok no problem. I will wait. :)

    But just setup both of them and both scanner is working.

    But do you know why my email's are not going to SPAM/Junk folder when they are accepted as SPAM?.

    I have enabled Roundcube managesieve

    Does this protocol works?.

  • For managesieve you need dovecot. After enabling them, you need to login into roundcube once time to activate the filters..

    PS: I would just reject the spam mails :D