How to change imscp default interface port 8080 and Update Imscp from 1.2.2 to 1.2.x

  • Hi,

    Sorry for asking this noob question but I am very new with imscp. How do I change default port for interface?. I didn't changed the port while I was installing imscp. I have a complete installation.

    Also how do I update imscp from 1.2.2 to 1.2.x?. Is there any automation processes that you can give me a lead too?.


  • Thanks. Maybe I will not upgrade now. Since I would like to use some plugins from store. :)

    But how am I change the Interface port 8080?.

  • Use the PanelRedirect plugin (we written that in the announcement & errata..)

  • If you wait for just a few days the latest git changes will be made into release 1.2.3.
    Plugins will be made available right afterwards.

    If you are not used to working dev versions, I can disrecommend you to use a git version, because things might not work the way you expect them to

  • Hi

    @theemstra Thanks for your response. Not a problem at all. I will just upgrade to that and wait for new plugins when it comes out. :)

    @Ninos PanelRedirect plugin doesn't slove the issue. I am still able to access through 8080 port and there are no settings to change this default port within admin panel. So there are no way of changing the port of installed Imscp?.
    If I rebuild the version through SSH then it allows me to change the port. But if I do rebuild will it break my present IMSCP?. Otherwise please suggest me a better process.

  • Sry I missunderstood.. You could use following parameter on the autoinstaller script:

    1. perl imscp-autoinstall -r panel_ports
  • @Ninos

    Thank you :) for the port changing command.

    I see there are many commands like imscp-autoinstall from forum but is there any document regarding this?. where I can find all commands for imscp-autoinstall?.

    Also Would you please kindly tell me where my plugin directory is?. I have installed them but Now I cannot find them within etc/imscp/... or is it a different one?.

    p.s: I am not able to access .. gives me a white page.

  • Show all parameters:

    1. perl imscp-autoinstall -h

    Show all possible reconfigure values (default is all):

    1. perl imscp-autoinstall --reconfigure help

    Folder for plugins:



    Folder for listener files:




    PS: Me too, I'll create a ticket :D
    Edit: Here's the link for the ticket. Thanks for reporting!