imscp not accessible

  • Hello

    I have a server with imscp 1.2.X installed on a debian 7.8

    At the installation, I had no problem to access on imscp (port 8080) but today, I can't access to imscp ..

    I've tried to restart the server but nothing ..

    I have this error message on chorme "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"

    Can you help me please ?

  • If you post these logfiles after a reboot and we might be able to find what's going on.


    Post them to pastebin to keep the forum clean.

    Also send us the output of ps ax

  • Is the IP of your connection or or

    Are you connecting over https?

    Lines you need to check:


    Is your MySQL server running?
    Run this command to see if it's up and on what port it is running:

    1. netstat -antp | grep mysql

    If MySQL is running, concider reinstalling i-MSCP, after purging apache2