i-mscp 1.2.2 and fail2ban

  • Hello

    i am trying to install i-mscp 1.2.2 with Ubuntu 14.04 and fail2ban.
    Anyway the installation went well but fail2ban is not blocking anything.

    Which jail.local file is good to use for the i-mscp 1.2.2. I tried the one from How2 Section. But its not working.
    It not blocking anything i was testing ssh ftp webmail etc.

    Thank you!

  • Then i think, you configure fail2ban wrong. I use it with 1.2.x branch and it wortks. Maybe it a Problem of that shitty (sorry my opinion) Ubuntu ;)

    btw: Moved to Offtopic. This has nothing to Do with i-MSCP and i think you know that.

    -> Next time, you post offtopic to the wrong forum, you getr a Warning ;)