debian forking..... where will you go today? (lol)

  • I will stay at Debian...... The only OS for me since Debian 3.0 :)

    But thats like Ubuntu Shit. They also forked it, and see what they do now..... Go their own Way ... :) And the most Users have Problems with Ubuntu :D

  • Omg a systemd discussion also in this forum? I need to delete my account here xD

  • Hello ;

    For me, Devuan is an heresy. Forking Debian due to the integration of systemd is really a shame. I don't see any real future for that fork ;) Seriously, just look and read at their site: Do you think they're really serious? Eg, we can read Veteran Unix Admin collective... Only by reading those words, we can easily understand that the fork is made by veterans which do not want go ahead by using newest technologies... It is good for our community? I don't think so ;)

    Of course, We will support it if really needed (as we do for Ubuntu) but I'll never recommend usage of such fork.


  • I'm using debian for servers and Ubuntu for my Desktops. From my point of view I'm using both the way they should be used.

    I will stay at debian, for sure. If debian will integrate systemd there are good reasons for doing so. Reasons I do not understand enough to judge. I'm trusting the developers because they did a great job in the past and will do further.

    i-MSCP 1.5.3

  • im no expert at all
    however by the sound of things systemd is supposed to be great like for faster bootups, useful log files on
    running services, useful answers to for when the system buckles and should the system did not boot for example.
    to me it does sound good. hhmm, maybe on paper when compared to initd but im not technically gifted on such deep matters.

    according to Devuan initd is as old as adam and eve and it has no idea half of the time of whats happening to and with
    connected hardware. i think their intention is to make systemd much better and eventually available for all linux/unix systems.
    here is a question that i was thinking about. how long is long enough for Debian to continue on this route?
    as we already know, everything in life has a breaking point or a point where something becomes useless and even expires if nothing
    is add.
    so really how long can Debian go ... another 20 years at a minimum?

    well with all that being said im newly converted to Debian from ubuntu after 4 years of pure desktop usage and im sticking with it for the pure fact that to me it has
    one rock solid advantage. it has been tried and tested and throughout its time it has spawned many children but
    it still continue to hold fast to its policy and i think this is what makes it great amongst other things that i did not mention.

    thoughts of a newbie