Adding a new parameter to dovecot config

  • We have a server with more than 150 customers. One customer opened a ticket that he got an error in roundcube

    1. Empty startup greeting (imap.srv.domain.tld:143)

    After checking the logs i'd found this messages in the

    1. srv dovecot: master: Warning: service(imap-login): process_limit (100) reached, client connections are being dropped

    To fix this problem i'd added this to the dovecot.conf

    1. service imap-login {
    2. client_limit = 1000
    3. process_limit = 500
    4. }

    Maybe we can add this parameter in the next version.
    What is your opinion about this parameter?
    If this is not a good idea i will add a listener for this server to add lines after updating the panel, because we need this on this server.

  • @TheCry

    Please next time, search for similar issues on youtrack and add information instead of posting here...