web ssl cert installation problem

  • I have problems installing SSL web cert for a custom website.
    My certificate is not wild card cert, but only for common name "www" .. if that matters.
    I have my Private key and Certificate supplied. CA bundle has 2 certificates inside including my cert.
    Anyone can help or at least place where i can look for debug logs ?
    My certs are perfectly working i am taking them off another apache installation.

    SSLCertificateFile /etc/ssl/mydomain/mydomain.crt
    SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/ssl/mydomain/mydomain.key
    SSLCACertificateFile /etc/ssl/mydomain/QuickSSL_Intermediate_CA.pem

    As i said inside QuickSSL_Intermediate_CA.pem i have 2 certificates.

  • Hi @sanitariu

    At this moment there's no seperate SSL log as far as I know.
    Here's what you do:

    The key goes in to the private key field (make sure it is not encrypted, if it is: decrypt it, or fill in the passphrase too)
    The certificatefile goes into the server certificate field.

    Now for the chain, if you use an older version of i-MSCP you will have to fill out the full chain of certificates (including the root cert).

    In this order:
    CA internediate chain

    What error do you get exactly and what version of i-MSCP do you use?

    - Thom

  • @sanitariu

    I would recommend you to upgrade using https://github.com/i-MSCP/imscp/archive/1.2.x.zip
    Many bugs were addressed since 1.2.1 ( and therefore 1.2.0 ) ;)


  • I am little scared to update but I will do it soon.
    Anyway theemstra thanks for your help !!!
    Seems like my root cert was old prior some date sort of and need to be updated.
    I took one from the link you gave me and now everything is perfect.
    You can close the thread.
    Thank you people !

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