Roundcube 1.0.5 released

  • Hello,
    i saw on roundcube website an update to 1.0.5 because of security reason. In Plugin Store i found 1.0.1, any idea if this version has the security problem too?

  • @Sunghost

    Seriously.... You're confusing two things here: The RoundcubePlugins plugin and the i-MSCP Roundcube package...

    The RoundcubePlugins plugin provided in our plugin store doesn't provides roundcube itself. This plugin provides some plugins for roundcube.
    The i-MSCP Roundcube package provides Roundcube. i-MSCP version >= 1.2.0 provides roundcube 1.0.5.

    You should consider to learn a bit about i-MSCP before creating such threads which can cause troubles for others ;) You should also consider to read the announcements: Roundcube addon updated to version 1.0.5

    Roundcube 1.x is not provided in i-MSCP 1.1.x serie due to some compatibilities issues.

    To resume here: You want latest Roundcube version? Then upgrade your i-MSCP to the version 1.2.1

    BTW: I'll filter your posts now because you are posting without thinking ;)


  • Your are right. I had missunderstand the announcements and thought it whould install roundcube, dindt look to the docs. Sorry for that. Thats not my nature. So thanks for clearing.