PhpMyAdmin auto-login function - Error

  • @Papar

    Hello ;

    I cannot confirm the problem with last github ( 1.2.x branch) under Jessie. PMA auto-login is working as expected with both http and https. Please, update the password for the related SQL user and try again. If this doesn't work, show us the password you entered.

    BTW: Next time, open a new thread.


  • Tnx for reply :)

    Strange situation, im create new vm and clean install yesterday version and on this vm auto-login working ok.
    but on old vm, after update to yesterday version still is problem :(
    Sometime if use generator password on user db, the generator put to base other password (DB: imscp table: sql_user), but this is no problem i can check this. If proper password is on DB i can login from clean phpmyadmin on this user/pass, but auto-login still doesn't work :( - ofc after update to yesterday ver.

    i try compare both and all look same only ofc BLOWFISH_SECRET is different...

    it is possible BLOWFISH_SECRET has some not valid character?

    BTW: ok, next time... and sry for my English...