• PluginManager added a new file:



  • I installed it on my Server:

    Debian Jessie
    i-MSCP 1.2.x Branch

    I got following error during install:

    Modules::Plugin::_exec: An unexpected error occured: Invalid version format (dotted-decimal versions require at least three parts) at /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/CronJobs/backend/ line 363, <$fh> line 516

  • Hello

    You must update the InstantSSH plugin first ;) So here is how to process now:

    • Go into the database via pma and for the CronJobs plugin row in the plugin table, set the plugin_status field to uninstalled and the plugin_error field to NULL
    • Update the InstantSSH plugin to last available version as provided in our plugin store
    • Install the CronJobs Plugin

    The problem is due to the fact that in older InstantSSH plugin versions, the version variable was not defined. I'll add a check on in the next CronJobs plugin version to avoid such error ;)


  • @gOOvER

    Should be fixed in incubator. See…1cbfdd2fcc1009f92157acdac
    A new version will be released soon ;)


  • i-MSCP CronJobs plugin version 1.0.1 has just been released.

    Version compatible with i-MSCP >= 1.1.21 ( Plugin API 0.2.15 )


    • Fixed: Ignore InstantSSH plugin when VERSION variable is not defined to avoid installation error

    Plugin Usage

    A small contribution for use of this plugin is requested by doing a donation on my paypal account ( [email protected] ). If you do not want to contribute, you should not use that plugin.

    Thank you for using this plugin.


  • @MichaelSchinzel

    Hello ;

    I'm working on that ;) Next changelog will be as follow:

    • Added: Allow to set cron job permissions globally ( reseller cron job permissions interface )
    • Added: Allow to suspend cron jobs without deleting them
    • Changed: Plugin configuration ( including the jail builder library ) is now lazy loaded ( backend )
    • Updated: Translation files


  • I suspect that the URL field doesn't support encoded URLs like this

    1. dir

    This is the error I get

    1. /bin/sh: 1: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string
    2. Cron <vuXXXX@myserver> /usr/bin/wget -t 1 --connect-timeout=5 --dns-timeout=5 --read-timeout=3600 -O /dev/null --no-check-certificate '
  • @redcloud

    The problem is not about the URL but about the missing quote. What is the output of the following command:

    1. # crontab -l -u vuxxx

    Also please, send me the url as you entered it via mail ( [email protected] ) because here, I don't see it correctly.

    Replace vuxxx with your user ;)